The demand for residential interior design in the much sought-after Solihull area of Birmingham is increasing year-on-year.  This isn’t surprising for a town and region that recently took the top spot in the best-place-to-live rankings compiled by the UK Quality of Life Index.

Claire Hayes, the owner director of Studio Fourteen Residential Interiors, believes that clients in Solihull are looking for a very personal approach that is sympathetic to properties that can vary in age from new builds to those constructed over a hundred years ago. Claire strongly believes that when it comes to interiors the right ‘design’ is always far more important than just following fashion.  She believes that interior design, while always considering the importance of contemporary design, should be able to stand the test of time.

Listen and Appreciate

Studio Fourteen Interiors follow a straightforward and effective approach – listen to the aspirations of the client and design according to their needs by ensuring that every design proposed compliments the existing environment. As Claire points out, Interior design may offer the designer a wonderful and creative palette to put forward ideas but at the end of the day it’s the client’s vision that needs to be enhanced, perfected and delivered.

Finding Inspiration in Aspiration

To achieve this Studio Fourteen Interiors believe that taking time to understand both the design aspirations of the client and the aspects of the available space.  By offering qualified guidance and advice the company strives to develop an empathy with the client that allows for best ideas to flourish.  By taking inspiration from the surroundings, fittings, the building and the creative philosophy of the client it is always possible to craft a design solution that will be both innovative and yet always match and integrate with the existing space and structure.

Claire believes that this eye-for-detail as applied to Solihull Interior design has contributed significantly to the success of the company. She believes that there is a definite difference between designing for a house and designing for a home.  This is a space where people will live and, as such, all interior design should flow seamlessly from one space to another.

Always Find Design Balance

It can be said that Interior design is truly about matching the personality of a person with the personality of a building in such a way that visual balance and harmony is achieved in a creative, comfortable and uplifting way.

If there is one special secret to residential interior design, then it has to be finding balance.  Colours, furniture, textures and fabrics should always be balanced to accentuate the size and ambience of a room.

With Solihull Interior design becoming the focus of development, Claire believes the new homes being developed can be an ideal blank canvas for a new generation of homes owners to put their own stamp, injecting their personality, creating a beautiful home.

(Originally Featured in Discover Worcester)